Exercise Band Rubber Belt/Loop Band

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$9 SGD
  • Natural latex material is used and the touch is good. It has excellent durability, can withstand high-strength pulls, and returns to its original shape no matter how many times it is used. Unlike dumbbells (iron arrays), this product has no risk of falling, no worry of noise, no rust, cracks, no deformation of the floor, low risk of injury even after long use, not only athletes but also children -A wide range of training is available to the elderly.
  • Different strengths broaden the range of training. There are three types of strength, and you can choose the strength that suits you from light (pink), medium (purple), and heavy (green).
  • You can train anytime, anywhere, such as in the gym or at home! Since it is a simple operation, it can be continued every day. Lightweight and compact, you can exercise intensively in various places such as travel destinations, hotels and offices. This product can be used regardless of gender.
  • It is effective for maintaining health, diet, stiff shoulders and back pain. Wrap around your feet, ankles, calves, thighs, wrists, and upper arms and use it for training from arm stretch to side lunge (inner thigh training) and leg lift (lower abdominal muscle training).
  • Product code: LLPJ01863

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